There are people
Who are going
Who are staying
Who are walking

There are people

Who are crying
Who are pretending
Who are showing

And, there are people

Who are trying
Who are fighting
Who are losing

You people

Keeping the warmth inside
Telling the kindness outside
And reaching other's heart beside

Nobody's real alone

Nobody's real strong alone
Nobody's real happy alone
Nobody's meant to be alone

When people were real lonely

They're just finding their space peacefully
To gain their meanings confidently
And then, they found how's the way to be happy


  1. hmmm gak bisa coment,,takut nangis wied hehhehe

  2. @gray : wah, kamu kenapa pilih ini sebagai bacaan.... hehehee... jelas saja kamu akan menangis... puisi ini ditulis aku disaat yang sangat suram ^___^

  3. And then, they found how's the way to be happy.

    i wish.. :D

  4. @accilong : semangatlah untuk terus berharap yah ^___^


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